Practical Applications of Hi Tech Sensors

Some practical examples of what you can do with our technology.

Hi Tech Sensors

Home Security

Monitor your home and get realtime notifications directly to your email or smartphone

Hi Tech Sensors

Energy Savings - Coming Soon

Sensors that monitors and controls the power consumption of your devices in realtime

Hi Tech Sensors

Food Safety in Open Fridges

Temperature monitor solutions for open frigdes in supermarket display fridges.

Hi Tech Sensors

Temperature in the wine cellar

With temperature sensors detect changes and prevent damage wines in the cellar.

Hi Tech Sensors

Urban Agriculture

Measure the enviroment for a sustainable design in a sustainable city.

Hi Tech Sensors

Monitor Enviroment in Datacenters

Monitor Raise temperature in datacenters, get notifications where things goes wrong.

More reasons to get sensors technology

Hi Tech Sensors.

1.Decide what you want to know

Configure them as your needs.

2. From any place

Watch your sensor data from any place


3. Any device

Access your indicators from your pc, tablet, or smartphone.

4. To control

Set up actions to actuators based on sensor data

Hi Tech Sensors Client Testimonial

What people says

"I use Hi Tech Sensors to control security and monitor energy consumptions at my office."
Alejandro Velez
Office User
"In my company, food on fridges should remain at a constant temperature. Thanks to Hi Tech Sensors products we prevent damage."
Armando Parra V.
Maintenance department, Promotora Piccolo S.A.
"In aeroponics measure temperature is crucial. We use sensors to measure temperature at the roots of plants. With HTM we get constant readings to take action on Time."
Alcides Montoya
Researcher, Universidad Nacional


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Sensor technology is used worldwide to measure different variables that help improve processes in industries, likwise automate and control home security

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